ArunHPCC is a free and open source High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) facility for academic and personal research that needs high performance computing. Due to limited hardware and management resources following disclaimer is to apply for any work related to ArunHPCC facility. Please read carefully before proceeding:

  • ArunHPCC is completely a non-commercial facility. Everything software used in this facility follows free and open source license standard, GNU General Public License Version 3.0 (GPLv3.0)
    • The implication is any code running on cluster must be public under GPLv3.0 license if it is distributed.
    • Any source code used in ArunHPCC must not use for commercial purposes.
    • Proprietary code should not be included without providing proper license information.
  • All project must include GPLv3.0 license or any other open source license along with any proprietary license if applicable.
  • All source code file must mention appropriate license information on top of the file itself.
  • Any violation of above terms are sole responsibility of the user. ArunHPCC will not be responsible for any legal issue regarding software licensing.
  • All user are advised to frequently backup their own source code or associated files. Any loss due to hardware failure or maintenance will not cover by ArunHPCC anyway.
  • Any suspicious activity on cluster might results in banning of the particular user from ArunHPCC temporarily or permanently.
  • Excess resource usage might cause disruption of stable performance of the Cluster, in such case any running process might be terminated by Admin
  • ArunHPCC facility is Completely Free to use. However, We will never ask any money for any academic research projects, But we will very much appreciate any donation or contribution.
  • Being a small facility all user must follow the job queue and wait for their queue
  • Any downtime due to maintenance should be considered