Usage policy is a comprehensive guideline about the cluster usage. It also briefly discuss about the limitations and the constrains while using the computing facility. Below also includes some guidelines that should be followed by anyone using the facility.


Every user of the cluster facility is considered to have following skills:

  • Basic understanding of Linux Operating System
  • Basic Command Line Operation (CLI) in Linux terminal Environment
  • Moderate Programming Skills in at least one language
  • Good understanding of computer hardware and computing resources
  • Security and Privacy of data and computing resources
  • Respect towards other users

User Policy

  • All user must be registered by applying with the project proposal
  • All user must define the project or nature of the use of the cluster facility in advance
  • All user must use the facility responsibly
  • All user must respect other users activities
  • All user must follow the privacy policy while using the facility
  • All user must follow the security policy while using the facility
  • Any damage to the system due to malicious activity or any misuse of the resources will cause disciplinary actions against the individual or the group

Group User Policy

  • All member of the group must be supervised by at least one faculty member
  • The priority of the group project assigned by ArunHPCC admin will be applicable at group level
  • Internal priority and affinity among the group member must be managed by the group. ArunHPCC will not be responsible for internal user priorities and affinities for a user group.
  • One research group may conduct multiple research project
  • In case of multiple projects, group must submit project proposal for each project and get approval and resource allocation
  • Maximum limit of project or computation resource allocation for a group will be decided by ArunHPCC admin and is subject to change due to the resource availability and priority of all projects
  • All member of the group must follow the User Policy

Security Policy

  • All member must register with a RSA-2048 public key
  • All registered member must login to the cluster via Secure Shell or ssh using only the given public key
  • For security reason no username-password will be used to login to the cluster
  • All member must keep their individual Public and Private key pair in secrete. As using these key-pair anyone can login, it is very important that a user must not share user credentials to anyone.
  • In case of group, all member must provide their public key to get access to the cluster
  • All source code and associated data must be backup by the individual user or group. ArunHPCC will not be responsible for any data loss
  • All member must not try to modify or obstruct jobs run by other user
  • Any member must not try to break the security or try to hack in to the system at all time.
  • ArunHPCC reserve the right to access and provide information to appropriate law enforcement agencies if bound by law
  • In case of any legal issue ArunHPCC reserve the right to ban any user or group
  • In case of any legal issue ArunHPCC reserve the right to confiscate any and all resources related to the user or project is question.

Privacy Policy

  • We take user privacy very seriously
  • ArunHPCC will not share any information related to any project marked restricted
  • All member must respect privacy of other users or group
  • Any member must not share any information related to any project unless the member is associated with a project and decided to do so
  • ArunHPCC reserve right to backup any and all data available in the facility. In such case the related user or group will be notified about such event.
  • ArunHPCC will not share any project information to unless an individual or group define the project as restricted in the project proposal and got approved as such.
  • All project other than the restricted will be added to the Project Achieve of ArunHPCC
  • Project informations and insights, except restricted project, will be added to the ArunHPCC portfolio alone with the member[s] associated with the project.

Resource Policy

Computation Jobs

  • Group project will have higher priority than individual projects
  • Job priority will be decided according to resource availability
    • E.g. If resource available for an individual project job but adequate resource is not available for a group project job, individual project job will be scheduled and group project job will wait until the resource become available. Consider such case before requesting resources.
  • All project proposal must contain estimated computation requirements
  • Each job should consider the available resources while requesting computation resource to take advantage of early scheduling
  • Job scheduler will treat all job in a particular group equally

Code Repository

  • It is highly recommended to maintain source code using source management system like : git, mercurial or svn. We highly recommend using git.
  • ArunHPCC has public repository available for user at GitLab
  • Any individual or group can apply for repository in ArunHPCC repository for centralized control
  • All repository hosted at ArunHPCC will get management support from ArunHPCC
  • Although the project will host at ArunHPCC repository the ownership of the repository will be owned by the corresponding user or group.
  • ArunHPCC will have access right to all repository hosted at ArunHPCC repository
  • ArunHPCC repository can host both public and private repository

Cluster Access

  • ArunHPCC usage passwordless access policy
  • Accessing to cluster must be done using SSH Public Key provided by the user without any password
  • For group members, all members must provide their own public key for access
  • All group member's key must be approved by supervisor faculty member
  • ArunHPCC reserve all rights to control access privilege for all members

NOTE: Please contact to admin@arun-hpcc.ru.ac.bd for any query.